Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Posh Is. . .Getting you ready for Summertime!

These products are my all-time favorites of both the fall/winter and spring/summer line. They are really amazing. My heels were horrible so I soaked my feet with the fabulous fizzies and used a callous shaver (there was no way any product was going to penetrate that piece of work) to get my feet to a "normal" state. Since then, I have used the Rubby Scrubby in the shower to exfoliate my dead skin and then follow up with the Soothing Stick. No more ripped nylons or dry cracked heels. I LOVE THESE! Now to work on my painting my toes so I'll be ready for flip flops!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Posh Is. . .Yummy!

I am in love with this lip scrub. It's awesome! You put the smallest amount on your lips and rub them together for awhile. The sugar inside is designed to exfoliate your lips to remove all of your dead skin and other "yuckiness". While you are rubbing (and licking because it tastes amazing) the sugar dissolves so you don't have to rub/wash it off. It is seriously so good I could eat the whole jar.

Rub it on. Smooth it over your lips and leave it on to enrich.

Exfoliating sugars dissolve to reveal polished lips

Sweet, natural orchard peach flavor

Full of butters, and nourishing and infusing ingredients

Paraben and paraffin-free

Preserved with natural vitamin E